How We Work

Attorneys at law. Scientists at heart.

Clark+Elbing represents clients at the forefront of scientific discovery and technological innovation. From universities, medical centers, and companies of all sizes to the investors who back them, we represent leaders in their respective fields. Our practice encompasses intellectual property (IP) in the areas of life science, chemistry, devices, and diagnostics.

Breakthrough IP legal counsel

While other law firms may claim they think “outside-the-box,” we aren’t confined by such platitudes. Our creative problem-solving is informed by sound legal analysis and driven by the same passion for discovery that energizes our clients. We share your passion of science as well as your business vision, and together we find the path that gets you there.

Up to speed and ready to go

We are IP attorneys with advanced degrees in science. We understand complex scientific principles, so no time or resources are wasted on basic instruction. We offer a focused, consistent team of experts that stays involved with you throughout the IP lifecycle. Our partners remain actively involved in all aspects of representation. Our team works side-by-side with your executives and scientists, providing a high level of efficiency and effectiveness. With our deep experience in the scientific, strategic, and legal aspects of IP, we are up to speed from the word “go.”