Make your mark

Trademarks are among the most valuable corporate assets and need to be considered carefully as part of your overall intellectual property (IP) strategy. As a brand owner, you need expert guidance on how to clear and monetize your mark, while also protecting against unauthorized use or dilution of your mark.

Clark+Elbing understands the power of your mark and how to incorporate a trademark strategy into your overall IP portfolio management plan. We can provide advice on a full range of trademark issues in the U.S. and abroad, including mark selection, clearance, prosecution, registration, and maintenance. We can also provide watch services in the U.S. and abroad that monitor for misuse of your mark or that identify marks that may be considered confusingly similar to your mark.

Bringing your trademarks to life

Whether you need specialized trademark services or wish to incorporate trademark counseling and prosecution into the patent work we are already doing for you, Clark+Elbing can develop a worldwide trademark strategy that meets your company’s needs and goals.